Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making a Wood Chair for Lalaloopsy dolls or other dolls

I went to Joann's etc store to buy some fabric but had to look around at the sale items. I came across these wooden flowers that were already painted and on sale. The wheels in my head started turning and thought those would make adorable chairs for the Lalaloopsy dolls. I forgot to bring one with me so just guessed. A friend had given me the spools of thread for my birthday to use for a Lalaloopsy project. Well this one is just perfect. So your materials are size 5/8" spools and you need 16 of them for the chair legs. Joanns or Michael's stores carry them empty.  2 of the pre painted flowers in the Joanns craft section. They have several to choose from but I liked these. They also had some pirate things which I picked up to make Patch a chair also. That chair isn't done yet. You also need glue that will hold wood together such as Aleenes tacky glue or the Goop glue. 2 paper clips. These were pretty large. My husband had them in his desk. Look around your house and you might find some things you can use also.
1. I glued 4 of the spools together to make 1 leg. I did this 4 times. 
2. I unfolded the paper clip to make an L. Then glued it to the bottom of one of the flowers. The part that is the seat. I set is upside down to dry.
3. I glued the legs to the bottom of the flower. Let it dry.

4. Glued the back of the chair aka the other flower to the remaining part of the paper clip that is sticking up. Let it dry thoroughly. Now you have a chair.
Lalaloopsy doll sitting in the chair. See how cute she is. You could use this same technique and make a table to go with the chairs for your 12" Lalaloopsy dolls. Fun and easy. Children could make these easily at a birthday party. I have not tried hot glue but if hot glue works then it would be a very fast craft project.
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